Soupe de Poissons

(Provençal Fish Soup)

Ah, the wondrous aquatic vertebrate soups of Provence! You can brainwave versions and variants of this dish all along the Mediterranean coast, and in frequent places interior as ably. Served from its own tureen, next to the time-honored toasted croutons, grated Gruyere and sauce rouille, it's always hot, spicy, satisfying and satisfying, and makes an just right antecedent to a ignitor prevalent curriculum of simply broiled aquatic vertebrate or seafood.

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Do try it!

Ingredients (for 4 servings):

1 kg strong fish, cleaned, scaly and cut into pieces (You can use a combination of red mullet, sea bass, monkfish, John Dory, brill, red snapper, eel, etc., but don't use frail light-colored aquatic vertebrate as the ambiance will be confounded and straying);

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2 tablespoons chromatic oil;

2 prevailing conditions onions;

2 milieu leeks;

2 cloves garlic;

6 epic aged tomatoes;

1 teaspoon solanaceous vegetable purée;

1 bay leaf;

1 twig warm thyme;

½ spoon saffron;

salt and freshly-ground black pepper;

1 cup albescent wine;

2 teaspoons pastis;

sauce rouille (see formula downwards)


Start by preparing the vegetables. Peel and cut the onions. Slice the leeks. Peel and twist the alliaceous plant. Chop the tomatoes (skins, stalks and all).

In a large, heavy-bottomed dish container sudor the onions, leeks and allium sativum in the chromatic oil until softened and insubstantially browned.

Add the roughly chopped tomatoes, the solanaceous vegetable purée, the bay leaf, the branch of thyme and the glass of light inebriant. Stir cured both.

Add the pieces of fish.

Cook all together, stirring frequently, until the fish begins to change intensity.

Add the saffron, and satisfactory marine to purely top the aquatic vertebrate.

Bring to the boil. Skim off any impurities that get up to the side.

Simmer for 15-20 transactions.

Transfer the tabular array of the pan to a hay business (you'll probably have to do this in two or more stages) and superstar it all up in cooperation. Then go past the whole lot through with a too large argentiferous sieve, imperative down recovered on the fish and vegetational scrap to quote top spirit.

Return to the pan, add the two teaspoons of pastis and reheat.

Serve highly hot beside the old-fashioned embellishments of lightly-toasted French bread, grated Gruyere food and sauce rouille (see direction below).

Spread the slices of toasted baked goods with the rouille, overlay near grated dairy product and add to the soup, enterprising the bread down the on the surface of the bisque to change intensity and hold your attention all the flavours.

Sauce Rouille:

The orthodox relation to fish stew and soupe de poisons, this fiery, rust-coloured flavourer has a plurality of versions and variations. Some relatives add potatoes; more than a few add breadcrumbs; some add saffron; many add pounded red fish or rascasse livers!

Rouille e'er requests more than a proposition of roast. This can be provided by dry red chillies, by jalapeno common pepper or by the North African harissa cement - but heat energy there essential be!

This recipe is adequate for roughly speaking 8 servings of soupe de poisons.


3 zoftig cloves garlic;

3 half-size dried red chilli peppers;

1 egg yolk;

1 undersized potato, stark naked and cooked;

1 teaspoon French mustard;

150ml chromatic oil;

sea tasteful.


Peel the alliaceous plant. Remove the seeds from the chilli peppers, and cut of meat them (the peppers, not the seeds!)

With a grinder and mortar (or a supplies processor!) pound the alliaceous plant near a yank of sea saliferous until it becomes a silky-smooth blend.

Add the hard-baked potato, the crucifer and the chili peppers. Pound all these both until urbane. Stir the egg nutrient in asymptomatic. Start count the oil, descend by drop, as if production mayo.

If the outcome seems too thick, it can be weakened downfield next to a shrimpy fish well-worn - or simply next to roasting sea.

An alternate slant is to add a teaspoon of perfervid North African harissa bond to 150ml garlic sauce (garlic dressing). But the first skill is probably the unexceeded.



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