On the sad information that Ann Nicole Smith had died in Florida, I course reflected on Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield. Anna Nicole just this minute mislaid a son and gave commencement to a babe. Her release will go on to generate a craze because in attendance is booty participating. The male parent of her juvenile will be preliminary in band beside a body fluid example to be checked against the DNA of the baby, the frank recipient of Smith's riches. That wealth could be humongous after the courts wish on what she should come into from her senior better half.

The opening article I said to my married person was that Anna Nicole's demise would likely be interpreted as killing. I don't really reason that she was murdered but if she was found exanimate close to Marilyn Monroe, individual is going to create the butchery story. I belief I haven't started it present apt now. Tomorrow the necropsy will be held and one of these days the results will be revealed to the overt. By after the homicide theorizer will have a recovered developed scenario and they will use the scrutiny to reenforce it. The causative will be murder, of instruction.

I wrote an piece on Marilyn Monroe and showed how logician work on what I titled "obvious truths." UFO-ologist use that manoeuvre all the instance. The media loves boneheaded thinking and will bind on the vogue. A favorable narrative can brand name you a worthy traffic of booty on the address outing and by authoring books.

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Anna Nicole seemed to have teensy gift new than acquirement promotion. Like many another nobodies next to great bodies she started as a Playboy Bunny®. Hugh Hefner same he hoped that she was now joyous next to her blood brother. I didn't cognise that Hugh actually believed in thing of a devout humour but I assumption he does. Marilyn Monroe on the otherwise paw had acting talent. Jayne Mansfield, who died in a alarming auto crash, was in all likelihood in betwixt the two talent-wise. A dutiful review of Anna Nicole's life can be recovered at

It saddens me to see new lives cut momentary. The media concentration to a high up person can inflict upheaval. They prosper on the media but the media and means drives them to paint the town red and drugs. James Dean's destruction at age xxiv is a well-mannered occurrence wherever funding put him in express cars and foolhardy doings. Dean was a consummate actor and is unmoving incomprehensible by his fans. Read something like the car stroke of luck at

It seems that the famous person life goes double instance. Jayne Mansfield died sport to get to New Orleans in the wee hours of the antemeridian. Her iii offspring survived. Read going on for the passing of Jayne and a cipher of separate celebrities that died in auto accidents at plus Princess Grace (who may have suffered a microscopic maneuver ) and Princess Diana.

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I expectation that Jayne's loss will be a admonitory to remaining celebrities beside more booty and than they can spend and much recognition than they can put up with. That includes athletes who are not use to superstar regard or cash. The call upon to attractiveness can be extraordinarily fast in our media circus. Many celebrities we old folks don't even cognize otherwise than we see them on tv walk-to hair a red runner clad to the "Tee." We don't cognise why they are celebrities but they are in many unclear cleaner serious music or specified wherever we never see them-but they have notes.

Here is several counsel for celebrities that were not calved rich and don't know how to grip ready money and fame:

Stay away from drugs and circumvent very expensive consumption of laced beverages. Prescription drugs can blast you. Don't go to multiple doctors for prescription drugs. Some nonprescription drugs are not unhurt.

Don't propulsion and draft. Avoid glorious fly and bold driving and pass the time out of cars having such as a operator. Wear your space loop.

Learn how to manage your ready money and don't property others with your medium of exchange to the degree that gives them command. New friends and experts can injured you. Trust the supporter in your haunt town if you cognize one capably. Let him metal you to kosher high calibre paperwork.

Don't terminated do it. You have to have a number of circumstance off from occupation. Drug usage is repeatedly because of toil.

Why am I message this? Celebrities don't publication my force.

Well, the rules are superb for all and sundry.

Rest in Peace, Anna Nicole.

The End



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