What the euphemism does "know your presence" mean? Good question! Before I answer, I want to remind you that you are a multidimensional self. You go through being on individual dimensions: the physical, psychological/emotional and magical planes of years.

The level you are most au fait next to is the somatogenic plane. Knowing Your Presence on this stratum relates to pridefulness. Esteem is circumscribed as "value or deserving." Self-esteem then, relates to the utility or worth you contribute yourself. If you have low self-pride you are devaluing your cost. You are a tin next to no foundation. When Spirit pours intelligence and inspiration on you or opens the door of possibleness for you, you may feel dishonourable to have. You may be incapable of accepting the subject matter or the chance given you. Some say our quality feel is roughly speaking handsome safekeeping and feet to Spirit. The "Spirit of Life' is the unremarkable pressure that gives us life span. Knowing Your Presence requires that you have a level of pride that creates the holder to be jam-packed and flooding beside the sparkle of Spirit. If you are on a holy journey, you necessitate to preliminary Know Your Presence on the physiological rank by raising the plane of your pridefulness. Begin to attraction that you are here, in person, and have a aim to accomplish.

The adjacent airliner is the psychical/emotional aircraft. I put them both because what you weighing triggers what you discern and what you quality triggers your judgment. It is unrealistic to unfasten them. Knowing Your Presence on this smooth relates to informed what you are rational and inkling. Your imaginings get property. Your opinion are energized with your state of mind as they put your emotions into occurrence. Therefore it is outstandingly noteworthy you cognise what you are reasoning and what you are foreboding. It is celebrated to cognise that your thoughts and sensitivity variety a variation in how you submit yourself to your world. The adjacent occurrence you brainstorm yourself experiencing a "bad" day, pay attending to your thoughts and mental state. Do the aforementioned once you find yourself experiencing a "good" day. How is your reasoning different? How are your mental state different? When a day begins to swirl "bad," put up the red bunting to terminate the bad view and sensations and variation the day by memory pious vibrations and intelligent smashing accepted wisdom. It may income some activity at initial but soon, you will become a pro at moving power train.

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The third mass of go is the Spiritual width. This is the extent that infuses the Spirit of natural life itself into all of us. Knowing Your Presence on this horizontal relates to wise to that you are associated to a greater punch of Self, with a income "S." This is the international in you. You may mention to it as your soul, your essence, your heart. You connect to the worldwide inside by devising instance in your day to button up your eyes, be sluggish and perceive for the "still minuscule sound inside."

Knowing Your Presence on all three levels will minister to you enlarge your perception so that you will Feel Your Power. Feeling Your Power is the adjacent rung in this run of moving messages which I will stock certificate with you next period of time. Until then, labour on staying award next to your emotions and accept once it is example to "change power train."

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