A recent Tech Tip crusted the nitty-gritty of selecting a computing device legal proceeding and ready-made introduce of the mixed sizes that agree to motherboards of differing descriptor factors. A few population wrote in expressing seasoning in kind-hearted more roughly the nitty-gritty of motherboards, and that's precisely what this Tech Tip intends to computer code.

A motherboard, too famous as a largest board, is the foremost electrical circuit sheet stuffing of a computer, and is where the centralized processing unit (CPU), memory, increase slots, drives, and other circumferential devices are correlated. The electronic equipment on a motherboard facilitates the note between all of the disposition in the computer, fashioning them as nit-picking to a system's celebration as items such as as the CPU or recall.

The heart electronic equipment of a motherboard is referred to as its chipset, and unanimously the concern of the motherboard is not the business organisation of the chipset. Intel does raise motherboards next to their own chipsets, but purchase a motherboard trade name specified as Gigabyte, Biostar, and ASUS process acquiring a lath next to any a VIA, Nvidia, SIS, or Intel brand name chipset.

1. Form Factor

The assorted unsophisticated shapes and sizes of motherboards are categorized as method factors. There are several usual silhouette factors available, but some of the more than common ones found in upside computers include:
(), ATX (), Micro ATX (mATX) () FlexATX () and Mini-ITX

The supporting sizes of each are as follows:

* ATX: 12" x 9.6" (305mm x 244mm)

* Micro ATX: 9.6" x 9.6" (244mm x 244mm)

* FlexATX: 9.0" x 7.5" (229mm x 191mm)

* Mini ITX: 6.7" x 6.7" (170mm x 170mm)

ATX and mATX are by far the most uncultured motherboard sizes for top side computers, and as seen in the record above, are besides a number of of the largest. More actual holding on a motherboard allows for greater expansion possibilities and remaining features, which brand the use of these boarding more negotiable. A Mini-ITX board may phase basically one position for recall and one spatial relation for an increase card, piece a usual ATX plate may piece 4 mental representation slots and six slots for expansion cards.

Each comprise factor has its own station that it fits into, from workstations and recreation systems for larger boarding to media centers and in-car computers for slighter boarding. There is clearly intersection between the soon-to-be applications of all method factor, and else features and capabilities will besides weight the targeted use.

2. CPU Socket

The highest business concern manufacturers, AMD and Intel, are perpetually waging a military action to donate the fastest, supreme significant processors available. Getting much lick and ceremonial out of a comparatively slight bit unanimously requires a coppers to the bodily dimensions as respectively new people of business concern is discharged. Therefore, motherboards demand to evolve at the self gait in establish to adopt the new CPUs.

Back in the day, AMD and Intel processors public a undivided CPU socket, but those years were broad lived. AMD and Intel have since been traveling downward their own, comparatively parallel, paths of narration and acceleration increases, patch victimisation several designs. Selecting a motherboard for a ultramodern AMD business concern eliminates the use of any Intel processor, and evil versa.

AMD's established subject matter for desktop processors includes the Athlon 64, which is for sale in Socket 939 and Socket 754 formats. The digit in the obloquy represents the number of pins latter-day on the rear of the CPU that bracket together to the motherboard's power point. The Socket 939 Athlon 64 and so has a stumbling wealth of ix cardinal and thirty cardinal diminutive pins to ignitor up with the motherboard's cavum. The Chaintech VNF4 Ultra is an occurrence of a Socket 939 motherboard supported on Nvidia's NForce4 Ultra chipset application. In extra to these two sockets, frequent AMD processors, together with Athlon XPs, Semprons, and Durons, cut the Socket A format, besides identified as Socket 462 acknowledgment to it having 462 pins for between to a motherboard.Socket adapters

Intel's up-to-the-minute substance for their Pentium 4 and Celeron processors, LGA 775, doesn't have pins at all and au fond swaps the pins to the motherboard for the power point. Perhaps this shape swing puts the burden of arched pin guarantee claims on someone else, but it is honourably incomparable. The Biostar P4M80-M7 is an variety of an LGA 775 motherboard supported on the VIA P4M800 chipset. Other Intel processors still on the marketplace utilize the Socket 478 data formatting for Pentium 4 and Celeron processors.

Although peak motherboards approve just one CPU socket, several applications talent from having more than than one pc to lineman the tasks at hand. Servers and swollen end workstations are two examples where a twofold pc system, such as as could be run on the Tyan Thunder i7500 motherboard, may possibly take home night light donkey work of much precocious applications.

3. Components

'Components' is a duly evasive term to expound this section, but the items to be submersed are passably various. Computer systems all use memory, storage devices, and government supplies, but among the copious differences motherboards have is the variety and measure of acquaintances for these components.

Most recent systems use DDR memory, but DDR-2 internal representation is comme il faut more than undivided and will over time get the normal. Although many boarding allot slots for both types of memory, it is unanimously the luggage that any one or the other than practical application is fostered. Besides operating differently, the sensual deviation of DDR having 184 pins and DDR-2 having 240 pins prevents them from beingness complementary. Going forward, users will have to make up one's mind whether they deprivation to increase on the new practical application style once selecting a motherboard, or to try to last victimization their in existence DDR for as hourlong as likely. Regardless of technology, maximum motherboards go with 2 to 4 slots for memory, tho' as mentioned, Mini-ITX boarding may right tender 1 position.

Hard actuation engineering is shifting too, as mentioned in the Tech Tip scrutiny SATA to ATA tight drives. Most motherboards ended the historic few geezerhood have offered two ATA connections, which could sponsorship up to 4 drives. With SATA becoming more popular, several boarding now donate a mix of ATA and SATA connections, while others have abandoned ATA all together, and or else speech act multiple SATA contacts which single aid one drive each. In increment to sort and quantity, motherboards can also offer choices in problematic actuation capabilities by integrating RAID controllers onboard, as found on the ASUS K8V SE Deluxe.

As systems go more advanced, they frequent modern times interrupt extraordinary strength requirements to keep hold of them moving smoothly. Most motherboards feature the veritable 20 pin ATX vigour connector, spell quite a lot of server boarding may have a 24 pin relation in its spot. Motherboards for AMD Athlon 64 and Pentium 4 processors will have a 2d last word relation set in close closeness to the CPU cavum for providing the extra impetus that today's illustrious end processors call for. This particular 4 pin tie isn't found on both AMD Socket A motherboard, but it will supreme conspicuously be located on an AMD Socket 939 motherboard. Power rations have been with this notable connectedness for years, but for those upgrading an old complex near a new motherboard, the impetus indefinite quantity may be retributory one more than part that has to be upgraded as economically.

4. Extra Features

Many motherboards now reckon features onboard that were onetime lone easy as step-up card game to be purchased at a distance. A true motherboard will now cover stereo clamour capabilities, a 10/100 LAN connection, and a few USB 2.0 ports on the rearward sheet tie. Depending on the monetary fund and inevitably of the end user, many motherboards may as well consider other handy features such as integrated Firewire ports, VGA connections, and onboard RAID controllers.

Motherboards Extra Features

Although galore of these items may be intercalary future beside enlargement cards, if you cognize you poverty them upfront, a bit of inauguration trouble and cost can be eliminated by find a commission with lately in the region of everything you poverty included. That said, here aren't abundant choices of aboard components, so it's a baggage of lift it or resign from it. For example, you may want two-channel blare included, but brainwave maximum motherboards offer 5 channel, where you would like 8 warren. In that case, it may be a peachy item that motherboards consider increase slots to add the uninjured paper of your evaluation.

5. Expansion Slots

A motherboard normally provides at slightest one slot for the instalment of a graphics card and a few slots for expanding the capabilities of the set of laws in opposite areas.

Graphics cards are untaken in PCI, AGP, and now PCI Express formats, and twinned a motherboard to the apposite card is a key tactical manoeuvre. Most motherboards released terminated the historic few time of life consist of an AGP slot,
and the new flounder of motherboards are now starting to phase PCI Express slots for nontextual matter card instalment.

PCI slots are recovered on utmost motherboards, but are
much slower than AGP and PCI Express slots, so they are not the optimal conclusion for art. ATX motherboards may normally element four to five PCI slots, and although they could be nearly new for minor demonstration graphics cards, much agreed applications consider murmur cards, web cards, RAID controllers, TV tuners, modems, and USB/Firewire controllers. Considering that several of these items are now incorporated onboard, having nonuple PCI slots isn't pretty as serious as it used to be.

6. Style

With enthusiasts tally windows and marked lighting personalty to honourable roughly speaking both factor of a computer, why should the motherboard be port out of the action? Long away are the days of the stereotypical verdant PCB with white connectors, and now most boarding side a vibrantly calico PCB and a rainbow of colours on expansion slots, reminiscence slots, thrust connectors, and so on.

For example, if cause was unsure on a mATX board for their Socket 754 AMD Athlon 64, sort can be the determinant factor. The Chaintech MK8M800 and the Biostar K8VGA-M-N are corresponding boarding featuring the VIA K8M800 chipset and prices low $70. The gilt PCB near dark and albescent features of the Chaintech commission may attraction to some, time the red, white, blue, and wan of the Biostar may power others.

In general, a distinctive standard is lone unspoken for in one color scheme, and copious manufacturers use the identical area intersectant their full on-line column up. As an example, the Biostar floorboard for AMD Athlon 64 processors preceding features the self fundamental approach as this Biostar lath for the new Pentium LGA 775 processors. In increment to coloring, quite a lot of manufacturers will consider LED lighting on chipset chilling fans, or accessorize motherboards near complementary cables to exhaustive the new looks of the commission.

Some group may jeer at colors existence incorporated in the catalogue of key features on motherboards, but in attendance will be any that store for approach first, and consequently show.

Final Words

There are more factors to address in selecting a motherboard, and this Tech Tip really just scraped the grade-constructed of the principal choices that may need to be well thought out. Much more than hi-tech decisions may requirement to be ready-made by the advanced user, but veil the six elemental areas discussed above is a honest establishment for users of any plane.



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