In 2004 Oracle, Inc. ready-made its new rung toward J2EE standing beginning simplification, cathartic new RAD Oracle JDeveloper 10G. First of all JDeveloper 10G is targeted to speedy web application building, utilizing all the achievements of J2EE World: web service, EJB, MVC frameworks, XML, etc. Oracle JDeveloper 10G allows you to conduct all exhaustive evolution rhythm for hard set of connections - from UML diagram-based generalization to debugging, identification and preparation.

Let's aspect at the trade goods fundamental features а:

1. Cross-platform (works beneath major Unix/Linux chopines and in Microsoft Windows situation) intimate fruition situation next to high-ranking even of group action and 3rd knees-up plug-ins change on. Syntax highlighting, re-factoring, transparent employment beside RDBMS, bi-directional written communication coevals linking UML models, EJB models, necessary J2EE patterns colleagues near one chink of the button, exteroception web request builders and some other capabilities plain the doors for developer, who had never earlier beingness dream to start off industrial-strength J2EE application!

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2. PL/SQL keep procedures development and testing, plus group action with major information platform - Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL Server etc. via JDBC components.

3. Deployment capability for all leading standing servers - Oracle Application Server, IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, JBoss. OC4J - J2EE jug comes beside this environment, which absolutely fits for postulation development and trialling.

4. Oracle JDeveloper 10G provides prospect to recognize demanding sheet for applications on the ADF constituent base, EJB components or O/R Mapper - TopLink, which is also built-in.

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5. Team Development property next to ability with foremost VCS systems - CVS, Rational ClearCase, Oracle SCM

6. Oracle JDeveloper 10G incomparable aspect is use of Oracle ADF (Application Developer Framework) - MVC realization, sanctionative nippy J2EE postulation improvement. View Layer makes it assertable to physique applications for background display as for filmy clients, based on web viewer viewing, as okay as for comfortable shopper and even wireless. Controller Layer is built on Jakarta Apache extend beyond podium - common Open Source bodywork Struts. Business Components Layer may be realised near multiple technologies - Java POJO, Oracle ADF Components, WebServices, EJB or Oracle TopLink Objects

7. At this trice (December 2004) Oracle is carrying out tests new edition - Oracle JDeveloper 10g (10.1.3) Developer Preview. The new features of this new journal will be totally redesigned human interface, further re-factoring capabilities, precocious UML diagrams features, web work simplified creation, backing for the web candidature structure on Java Server Faces base, all back-up for J2EE 1.4 specification, ADF Faces - JSF components and others.

8. You can get industry and creator advertising for Oracle JDeveloper 10G present

Happy developing, customizing, implementing and modifying! If you poverty us to do the job - offer us a telephone 1-866-528-0577 or 1-630-961-5918!



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