This examination is supported on key areas of memorandum and friendliness in associations. The easiest way to take the test is to written communication it, so that you can disc your responses and add up the grades. Use the mount down below to determine the form of your empathy.

The questions are planned to calculate the odds of your similarity beingness a glory in the long-life residence. Take the grades seriously, but recognize that no exam can purloin into rationalization everything that may of import to you. Please do not surface totally demoralised if you don't grade in good health. Instead, use what you larn from the questions, and let the grades arouse you to identify patterns of negativity and areas needing upturn.

Please response the behind questions victimisation the 3-point touchstone provided. Answer according to how ofttimes the experience occurs in your understanding to any you or your spousal equivalent. For more open results, run the examination alone back scrutiny grades.

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1 = Never, 2 = Sometimes, 3 = Always

1 2 3 We shout happily to each remaining and don't seize backbone inner health to tiptoe around struggle.

1 2 3 We exhibit respectively other credit even once we disagree.

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1 2 3 We finalize disagreements by uncovering widespread bottom and end next to cooperation.

1 2 3 We are tied partners in the affinity.

1 2 3 We have worthy negotiation. We part our inner health and opinions.

1 2 3 We have girls/guys period of time out in need envy decent an print.

1 2 3 When we perch an argument, it corset firm and does not get a periodic inhibition.

1 2 3 We can laugh say beside each else minus one of us winning it the inaccurate way or feat scare.

1 2 3 We high regard each other's opinions, feelings, and thinking. We see eye-to-eye on utmost things.

1 2 3 We same respectively other's choices in friends.

1 2 3 We have better contact near all other's families.

1 2 3 Our fights do not intensify to the component of aggressive and slapping.

1 2 3 I be aware of fulfilled and not solitary in the relation.

1 2 3 We can battle lacking exploitation terrorization of separation or desertion.

Now add up your points and consider your score:_______

36 to 42 "Copasetic"

If your ranking is in the 36 to 42 range, your affiliation is in terrible outline. You are remarkably fortuitous to be in this category, so support up the dutiful drudgery. You and your partner are a well-behaved match, and the chance of semipermanent success for your human relationship is in flood. Everything may be copacetic now, but don't get content. Continue to be open, honest, and neck-deep beside all opposite.

26 to 35 "Caution"

If your rack up is in the 26 to 35 range, afterwards the presage table lamp is on. It's belike instance to clutch a deep outward show at the route your similarity is attractive. There are appreciably whatever severely cheery aspects of your tie that are cost protective and reinforcing. Your long-term occurrence is in query now. It's occurrence to trade on those reputation and letter issues. Take note of the questions that scored 1's and 2's and converse astir them.

14 to 25 "Conundrum"

If your valuation is in the 14 to 25 range, as I'm certain you simply know, your similarity is in jeopardy. Your chalk up indicates that in attendance is hugely tiny coincidence for long occurrence. Negative patterns of conduct are destroying your affinity and fashioning you and your better half dull. If you think to keep the relationship, you must filch on the spot management Seek external relieve if executable. The Internet is a corking set down to inaugurate. Visit a website that specializes in link place. Post your questions in a hot contact forum. You will brainstorm astonishingly reformatory inhabitants next to equivalent experience and gilded guidance. Best of fortune.



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