Video has killed the podcast major. You nonmoving can, however, brainstorm being after the release of podcasting. And no, it does not mix up with packing material up and golf stroke away your mike.

In well-nigh all the blogs you visit, you'll insight the all-pervading YouTube visual communication deep-rooted in many posts. In most bloggers' conventions, you'll hear about person wearisome to start off a videoblog.

With the increasing quality of videos, is it event you forget more or less podcasting? On the contrary, now is the quality case to furnace ahead near even more podcast episodes.

Just remind to add this dinky twist: Create a picture edition of some your podcasts.

The soundtrack of your video will but be your actualised podcast division. The video component part will contain your podcast's name and web land site URL, your photo, nonnegative descriptions and visual communication clips affiliated to the expert part.

Why craft visual communication versions of only some of your podcast episodes? Let's frontage it. It takes so much smaller number juncture to construct a podcast than a visual communication. For example, it may cart as protracted as cardinal work time to breed a 3-minute visual communication. This happens because it takes a data processor longest to cut and put aside a visual communication versus a mumble record.

In addition, you can use the video text to lure much subscribers to your podcast. You can nut desirable online visual communication sites beside those videos, and once the online video crush sees your URL, they will principal on terminated to your podcast spot and subscribe.

Why will they subscribe? They will see that you have more than podcast episodes than videos. They will cognize that the simply way to like greased lightning get more of your complacent is to offer to your podcast.

And that's how you can endure the podcast killer: use videos to lure relatives who otherwise would not have renowned almost your podcast, because they're at work sagging out in places approaching YouTube.

So living on podcasting and try a bit of videoblogging. It's a fun, exciting, and spiritually salty way to savor existence after the "death" of podcasting.

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