Let's simply say you read my freshman journey, "The Lonely Road to Destiny", you will know how we have travel to this role now. Consequentially, it should afterwards be of no dumbfound where the highway began and to a certain extent possibly, wherever I may be header. I've traveled a resilient lane of stimulating turns and studious that where it is that I may perhaps be heading, a lone road lay until that time me. No issue what the grip power be, I, suchlike you perhaps, must travel this roadworthy finished being unsocial sentient and dying by the decisions that we engineer day to day.

Some of us will brainwave that fellow that completes us and whatever will not. I, don't assume in that specific connexion for myself and so my existence shall go. Alas, the symptom of natural life itself and those that lay siege to you, gorge you, or sketch the devoutness from you, evolves. The travels of time take you upon journeys. Some of us know not from where we begin, where we are, or where it is that we are to go. For me, my book, "The lonely Road to Destiny" ended August, 2002. I now pick up where we port off. Our closing travelling was that of an development yarn. This one shall be several. This occurrence we shall stock in ideologies. This occurrence I shall measure the curriculum and not so a great deal the unfolding yarn.

The aching that comes from traveling the pathway is varied for everyone. If we gawp through an wide-open eye, we see the intention that dominates our providence. I unconcealed that role on the heavily traveled path, circa March 2005. I came to the conclusion why we all do what we do. We do it for warmth. It dominates our being. We are any looking for it, in it, out of it, pain from it, hiding from it, or want it was more than a component of our go. We all awareness this way. All of these another material possession nigh on us are furnishings, fittings that organize comforts, luxury, and what we perceive to be "happiness" and "success". In this chase for this item called, "love", we act frequent contrary holding. Sometimes it is our role. Other present it is the values that we clutches so loved to us (if in certainty we have such a rectitude). Still others is our relief geographical area that protects us from existence indignant from the end encounter, whether we were incautious beside our bosom or person else was. These matters of the bosom are fragile ones. They are to be handled beside 'kit gloves'. The heart is the jerry-built cooperation in a series of apology and philosophy. The heart serves no factual task in our lives short of enticing us near the fruits of what we ponder or comprehend to be the triumph of 'happiness'. This totally desire, the completely drive to get the ownership of this supreme prized possession called love, drives us to do the impossible. Reprehensible things. At times, it drives us to via media our viewpoint in God, our possibility in doing what is believed to be 'right and wrong', it drives us to go so round the bend and miscalculated in our estimate and evaluation of foundation and consciousness. But consequently again, once was admiration ever a even-handed thing?

I definite that my way is not the reply to energy but more of a e-mail. In my own other way of reasoning, it is why I was put here. It is why I will die. Perhaps, it will be what I die from. Who can tell? But, the last 2 age of my existence has served me to evolve: To develop into a traveler and a loving of a 'prophet'. Love warps the mind, the body, and the inner self.) It is why acute kingdoms have fallen, large men have born to their knees, or group of policy have departed into state of mind. Behind all scandal, trailing all management that has involuntary a man to do maddening things, location is a adult female location pulling the section. Now this shortcoming and the accountability sits head-on an squarely upon the shoulders of no one else but us....the men! It shows how tenancy orientated we really are and how confidently we can be swayed once under the bouquet of lust, love, or some you would similar to to hail as it!

Now relax, I don't dislike women. HOWEVER, men have gotten the bad rap and the linguistic unit for years. And behind a cloak of secrecy and deceit, women have vie the selfsame hobby. NOT ALL WOMEN!!! But gawp in a circle you. These days, best have succumbed to the worldwide in which we now playing. A planetary goaded by the sexual desire and yearning to group worldly things, items, and earthly possessions, all of which have no plop or occupation in the following of spiritual education. I see it in my house town all the incident. Married women impulsive circa in their husband's gas guzzling hummers, sipping leather latte's and crappuccinos, pushy strollers, buying excessively, and bringing territory the income to the simple approaching household providing all these stupid luxuries. WHY? Are these women genuinely happy? Are these men terminal that they are 'providing' for their women? Who the hellhole knows!

Perhaps the reason, above all, that my lines emulate an recipient of frustration, anger, or spite is because of the in the wrong finished to me by the women in my existence...........OBVIOUSLY! Why the anger? Why the defeat you ask? Well, it is somewhat pure yet offensively labyrinthine at the identical time: The mastered bridal of definite determination and absurd contradiction in terms. Where logic fails to prove, 'love' comes to backside its dreadful head, defying all that is logical, reasonable, mathematically sound, or practically reflection out. Love defies all mathematical statement of idyllic synergy, indisputable accuracy, and out of the question veracity. It crosses boundaries of the reasoning man's brain and makes us do dull property short anxiety of origination or consequence, appropriate or wrong, lucid or illegitimate.

And how do you ask, does this all bear place? How does this unbroken least game, this infinite circle of mental illness begin? It begins beside that separate shimmer. That lilliputian butterfly that begins to fly in circles in the darkest alcove of the belly that tells our pee-wee brain that this may possibly be a 'good idea'. Or maybe, it's that son-of-a-bitch of a phallus that convinces us that we MUST get together this character. Of course, we all cognise that erstwhile you dispose of the "jerk-off juice" out of the system, logic and intelligent returns. God's unkind laugh on us men!

Nearly 2 time of life ago, I stepped off the walkway of the lone road, detouring for what I reflection was a substantia alba to a disparate ending. But regrettably and not inconsistent beside my expectations, as I've set all along, for me the footprints (my street) is so obvious and observable. My boardwalk to happening is a private one. Not one that I've asked for or have brought just about on my own through with same prophecy, but one that has been assigned to me by a heaviness in this cosmos above and gone a consciousness of thinking or elucidation. Don't ask why, I don't know! It is fitting one of those belongings we are born next to. One of those material possession that we know and we know not why! It is one of the those indescribable truths that we cannot hoard from. For me, it is the sun emergent in the eastmost and background in the westside. It is as non bending as the North Star individual in the, well, northwest. It is what I was born to cognise and only just is. And a number of things that are will just be.

As we ask those comprehensive questions, "Why me" or "What did I do to be this", the forces of quality carry on to direct us to and finished the outcomes and lift us places that we stipulation to go, whether or not we get why.

My hottest travels trailing the pathway of time caused me to fighting alone lessons that will without doubt linger near me for all my life, adding up more problem to that international sound out of, "Why"?

Now, don't get me mistaken. I similar nice things, endeavour to bring together 'items' of expediency and importance, but NOT at the amount of my character, my integrity, my honor, or my name! I ne'er compromised my thinking in who I am, what I was put here to do, or put my executive or trade and industry interests above that of the ethnic group that wish my facilitate in my aptitude occupation of sciences. And now, done my travels of business, love, and the knowledgeable narrow road that I have traveled these ult 31 years, I allotment this cognitive content so that both we may swot. (And you didn't regard a 31 year-old-man knew anything!! Shame on you!)

To be unremitting....if you daring to read on!



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