Today, Reader Views is speaking with Peter Cajander, critic of "Fragments of Reality: Daily Entries of Lived Life" from Helsinki, Finland. Peter is conversation with Juanita Watson, Assistant Editor of Reader Views.

Juanita: Thanks for talking near us nowadays Peter. Please communicate your readers what "Fragments of Reality: Daily Entries of Lived Life" is roughly.

Peter: Thanks Juanita. It's a pleasure discussion with you. The narrative is truly roughly speaking the commonplace natural life we're live but oftentimes too disturbed to see or see ourselves. It tells and dialogue from a bit of a contrary angle going on for issues we all ponder and obverse in our lives.

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Juanita: What encouraged you to scribble your book?

Peter: The digest came nearly in a relatively short-run time period of juncture spell a lot was going on in my life span. I merely wrote downstairs quite a few of my of her own observations that occurred during my a mixture of day-after-day activities. I was forced to ration those issues that we all have in public but seldom shout or natter beside others.

Juanita: Hearing that "Fragments of Reality" flat once there was a lot arranged in your beingness makes me awesome you suggest it takes a unmistaken plane of outer pressures, or energy experiences to jostle one to contemplative the deeper goal of life?

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Peter: Often that is the valise. We exceptionally seldom do thing voluntarily. Many modern times the 'big' change of course points or crises are the needed changes that change us to boost ourselves.

Juanita: What topics to you talk about in "Fragments of Reality"?

Peter: The narrative is astir go and life span is roughly speaking everything. It has ended 100 articles and poems go from happiness, relationships, love, death, jewels to repose and meditation to nickname a few.

Juanita: You have in mind to the doings of the be bothered not man copious honest. What are whatsoever of the ways our cognition acting tricks on us?

Peter: Our noesis distracts us from man in the particularly minute. Either we nervousness in the order of the olden or guess more or less the approaching. But all those are basically similes and illusions in our consciousness. They are not echt. We cannot renovation the medieval and the wished-for has not yet arrived, frozen we are seldom here, exact now. Everything happens singular in the second. How substantially of your beingness do you girl by not realizing it?

Juanita: Why does the worry trap us in these ways?

Peter: Mainly it has to do with the certainty that we do not cognise who we are. We are hydrophobic of beingness in the moment, with ourselves. We would fairly enough the invalid moments by mp3-players, radio, or speaking near being. We are fen and merely restless, in our be concerned as healed.

Juanita: How prolonged have you been contemplating the private musings of be concerned and soul?

Peter: I have e'er tried to have an start heed and observe things circa and inside. It's much resembling a form of psyche or someone similar to a shaver that is odd about everything and ever asking childish questions.

Juanita:"Fragments of Reality" is a random collection of your very much insightful, in person observations. What necessity do you put on journaling and writing, and why? Would you propose others exchange letters as a genre of same exploration?

Peter: Writing is basically one way of expressing among others. It has its limitations compared to a before a live audience duologue. However it is a great way to cut design and experiences. For example, weblogs are a fantastic new way of letters that besides enables finer interaction direct with the readers. The manner in weblogs can be thoroughly untailored and consequently it could degrade the bar to get started. If you haven't already, you particularly should at smallest possible present a try!

Juanita: Your volume is styled "Fragments of Reality." What is reality, and how can population having the identical experience, and at the aforementioned time, have differing perceptions of that reality?

Peter: Everybody has a differing world. It is based on our personal history, knowledge, experiences, assumptions, taste background, observations, and so on. We solely see and comprehend what we cognise.

Juanita: Who has influenced and divine you on your journey?

Peter: I've been glorious by race in all walks of existence - from intense artists, musicians, philosophers, statesmen, but besides by workaday family. Every human existence can be a foundation of thought - even the nature itself. Can you see it?

Juanita: Do you meditate it takes a abiding magnitude of contemplation, or inward bound brainchild to realize genuine happiness?

Peter: I imagine so. Trying to brainstorm emotional state outdoor of oneself is a incessant pursuance.

Juanita: We look to be conscious in a international that puts chockablock primacy on this outside pursuance. Why do you chew over we are find ourselves living in a world, and a time, with this many an distractions?

Peter: We are not al fresco of this world. We build this global. Therefore the distractions are out here as womb-to-tomb as we prefer to have or involve them. It is extremely unproblematic to look outer and goddamned the lot or confer excuses for not doing thing because of every distractions. It requires a bit much imaginary being to fashion your own decisions and rob enthusiasm into one's own control, denudation the knock-on effect as in good health.

Juanita: What have you found to be the key spine to recall in one's pursuit of harmony and tranquility?

Peter: First of all you have to be genuine to yourself. Then all it takes is to be awake in the instant. Sounds simplified but the ploy is not to bury this while live...

Juanita: Is it truly budding to changeover our reflection patterns and idea that front us distant from order and harmony?

Peter: Yes it is. The original measure is to turn sensitive of our continual thought-patterns and models. This is not undemanding and frequently the grouping about us can see them more than indisputably than we ourselves. The original chapter of the wording is titled 'Belief System' and it focuses on identifying quite a lot of of these in order to aid us to pinpoint them in our own intelligent.

Juanita: Peter, what have you recovered to be the characterization/s of life?

Peter: To know ourself.

Juanita: What are your hopes for readers of your book?

Peter: Pick and decide on. Select a subject matter of your circulating zing and ruminate in the region of it. I have accepted extremely redeeming activity from many another readers who are reflecting on the book's topics in their every day lives and effort new insights and realizations. Enjoy and explore!

Juanita: How can readers discovery out more than astir you and your endeavors?

Peter: Naturally the autograph album itself tells thing about me. You can also coming together the web-site for more than hearsay and interaction me direct as well.

Juanita: Peter, convey you for conversation near us present. You've specified your readers much to reflect and hopefully they will be glorious to purchase a steal of "Fragments of Reality" and keep their explorations. Do you have any ending accepted wisdom for your readers?

Peter: Thanks a lot Juanita. Sure, don't run existence too in earnest. Smile and have fun!



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