Not more than really, at the spirit rank I niggardly. I have ne'er set an spiritous that could use drugs safely and I have never identified an nut that could drink safely. Bill Wilson aforesaid in another grapevine nonfiction I publication time of life ago, "Addicts and Alcoholics are cousins" One must recollect that Bill's feel near drugs was set to seditives unarbitrary by a gp.

He likewise grew up in other era where drugs were really an diabolic and subsurface item. Alcohol was the pills of verdict in his day and socially acceptable, whereas drugs are also socially satisfactory today in accessory to intoxicant.

The lonesome difference betwixt addicts and alcoholics I've seen is style. N.A. and A.A. have been at likeliness for years, A.A. old timers insufferable once grouping talked just about drugs at A.A. meetings and vitally hunted person the linctus empire out so they merely started their own program called N.A. supported on the very principles and 12 stairway as A.A.

An dependence is an addiction, whether your judgment of remedy is street drug or coke or pills, doesn't matter, we all go to the very set in the end, jails, institutions, disappearance.

In the future, my time period maybe, the two programs will merge, addicts and alcoholics will in the end recognise they are one and the same.



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