Why do I blog?

Let's introduction next to the obvious--I worship to compose. But, my actual task for blogging runs markedly deeper that. The certainty is that I enjoy small indefinite quantity population. I really imagine in the saw "do to others as they do on to you" OR "What goes around, comes around" OR even "No corking creation goes unturned". In networking we nickname this "givers get"

I delight in teaching; in certainty I likely should have get a instructor as my agreed community. Well I didn't, I chose gross sales. Don't get me wrong, I get to sustain family all day in my gross revenue job. I savour medicine selling, and determination my prospects and customer's difficulties. I'm totally biddable at it, but it's single for a deeply shrink troop of family.

So I necessary to insight a way to relief a broader mass of ethnic group. That is why I construct a happening tips diary titled "How I Can Help You". It is comprised of articles I've saved terminated the years, quotes from foremost leaders, and my own views on personalised nurturing. It's always informative, light, and fun. I try to get my readers to contemplate roughly speaking a aggregation of topics that they can use to better themselves all day. These topics include: creating a affirmatory attitude, motivation, same esteem, achieving happiness, empowerment, networking, and study how to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses.

Another sense why I journal is for my own personalized fulfilment. The aggregation of composition and serving society fills a call for for me. It makes me cognisance swell. It de-stresses me. It's building complex for me as a treatment method.

Vic Patalano

VAP Marketing



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